Who Are We

What if church was a safe place for you to learn how to improve your life and talk about things that are relevant like, family life, work, money, or love? What if you could walk in the door just as you are and be met with friendly smiles and genuine people who are glad you’re there, no judgement or strings attached? What if church was fun? What if church was a place where you left feeling encouraged, empowered and better about yourself?

We are relevant
We are NOT perfect
We don’t judge
We have fun

All are welcome, regardless of background or beliefs. 

We want to be inclusive, not exclusive. 

At CONNECT our beliefs are simple, we believe that Jesus is the risen Son of God, the only way to a relationship with God. 

Our Beliefs

  • God is our creator. Everything, including us, exists for His purpose and pleasure.
  • God has revealed Himself to us through Jesus.
  • God inspired humans to write the Bible to teach and guide us.
  • We live in a broken world. Our relationship with God has been severed by sin.
  • God sent his son, Jesus to earth to live as our example and die to reveal God’s love to us.
  • We regain relationship with God by accepting and trusting the self-sacrificial love of Jesus.
  • Jesus actually came back to life and is alive today.
  • God’s Holy Spirit lives in us as believers. He leads, comforts, teaches and empowers us with many gifts.
  • Every believer should be baptized and belong to a local church family.
  • Jesus is coming back to the earth one day.
  • Those who follow Jesus will live forever in His eternal kingdom.