That’s a Wrap!

The Fresh Start program has officially wrapped up. Over the course of 6 weeks, the students covered goal setting in the areas of finance, health, and education. The students found the financial session was the most useful for them. Overall, the students feel that they learned helpful information and would like to do this again with more specific information on short term goals (specifically how to get through high school). The final workshop gave the students the chance to make vision boards, using a bulletin board, so that they can change and grow as their goals change.

A big thanks to Angela and Calvin Kerr, along with the many guest speakers for their time leading this great program!

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a 6-week intentional goal setting workshop for C1 Students, using practical tools to help build success in all areas of life.

The workshop started this week, with 7 students and two leaders. Throughout the 6 weeks, with the help of guest speakers, the leaders will focus on different areas such as financial, health and education goals. During the final week, students will create a vision board they can take home and use.